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The Week @ the Katy Library - July 20th Edition

BOY, it’s hot out there! We’re now open (temporarily) at 10am on Wednesday and Friday mornings to help get you out of the heat. Plus, we have some other get-out-of-the-heat fun activities planned for the July 20th week. For the kids try our weekly storytimes throughout the week or a special puppet show on Wednesday (ages 5 & up) - get your tickets on Tuesday. For teens we’re getting creative with duct tape on Thursday – hats and wallets and flowers, OH MY! For adults we’re halfway through our Workforce Solutions seminars on Monday a

Photo Books

The AmericansMy head always turns when I see a photography book sitting face out on a shelf. It’s probably a throwback from when I was little and only liked books with pictures. But now I can appreciate “picture books” with more grown-up themes. The latest one I’ve come across is a re-issue of The Americans by Robert Frank with black-and-white pictures from the 1950s. The faces of the people and the moments Frank captured are sometimes comical, sometimes haunting. Most of all they give you a picture of who we Americans were not so long ago.


Old Texas at the Katy Branch Library

Have you stopped by the library in the last month? No? Well, come see what you're missing. This summer we're known as the Circle K Ranch. Bring your camera and snap a shot of your very own Wanted Poster!

 Deep in the Heart of Texas 2 by you.

Welcome to the Katy Blog!

Welcome to the Katy Branch Library blog! Watch here for information on our library, our programs, our people, and OUR FUN. Visit us soon here or in person!


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