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Remembering Old High School Friends

La Porte High School Annuals

La Porte High School Annuals from past years are available for viewing in the library. The oldest annual is from 1939, the next one covers 1947, and the availability of various years increases as we near the current year. Some copies have “autographs” of the students with their picture, so a photocopy of one of these pages could be a treasured memento of a loved one. Ask at the Information Desk for these annuals if you would like to try to find an old friend, see photographs of your parents as teenagers, or just to discover what La Porte High School was like years ago.

Texas, Our Texas!

Texana Shelves at La Porte Community Library

Each Harris County Library branch has its unique aspects. One of La Porte's is a Texana collection. Our books about Texas travel and Texas history are located on Row 3A in the shelves that are straight ahead as you enter the library. A special interest in Texas history is in our roots and our location: the San Jacinto Battleground site where Texas won independence is in La Porte. If you have an interest in Texas history, travel or other topics relating to Texas, take a look at our Texana shelves!

Turtle and Frog Pinwheel Craft

Make a turtle and frog pinwheel at 2 pm this Tuesday, August 11, at the library. Recommended for children aged six and older. Join us for this final craft class for the summer!

Annual End of Summer Party

End of Summer Party 2008Join in the fun times at the library as we have our Annual End of Summer Party! Entertainment provided by Bill Wiatrak.  Thursday, August 6 at 2 pm. Refreshments! All ages.

Annual Summer Variety Show

LAP Variety Show 2006Get ready for some hilarious fun at the Annual Summer Variety Show! It's this Thursday morning, July 30, at 10:30. Meet the Hungry Chupacabra, Bart the Bat, Rowdy the Skating Roadrunner, and a host of other characters. The grand finale will be the annual silly string extravaganza! Fun for all Ages. See you there!

Bringing Back the Romance of Sylvan Beach

(Photograph from La Porte Community Library Vertical Files, donated by family of Erna B. Foxworth)One of my first assignments when coming to work at La Porte Community Library was to organize the local history materials.

Sylvan Beach Park captured my interest quickly: In the beginning decades of the 20th century, Sylvan Beach was a major attraction; people came from all over the country to enjoy the beach, Galveston Bay breezes, large dance floor with high quality bands, “bathing girl revues”, picnics, and other pastimes.

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