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Have Book – Will Travel Through Time! Amazing Read Challenge Week 9

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Where did you travel for last week’s challenge? Did you stand on the podium in Barcelona with the 1992 U.S. Olympic Men's Basketball Team as they received their gold medals or survive the Hunger Games? After all that athletic excitement, perhaps you’re ready for a leisurely trip through time.

You could relax and travel back in time to appreciate the art on the cave walls in Brian Fagan’s Cro-Magnon, or visit the tense days of 1912 in Barbara Tuchman’s classic

Western Mysteries

Journey back to yesteryear and into the rough and tough frontier towns of Nevada and California in these exciting Western Mystery Stories! In addition to Action, Adventure, Mystery and Detection, each of and every one of these titles are 100% guaranteed to contain:


Some Great New Books to Read With Your Ears!

Audio Headphones


Artemis Fowl The Last Guardian       Artemis Fowl: The Last Guardian / Eoin Colfer; read by Nathaniel Parker


Need Some Chilling Thrills?

Antarctic mountains

Had enough of the dog days of summer? Wouldn’t a nice icy gust of cold air feel nice right about now? And if your fan’s not working, why not try your imagination? Perhaps you need a chill or two to escape the heat and humidity. How about a nice cold breeze from the Antarctic? Remember, when it’s summer in Texas, it’s the dead of winter on the driest, coldest, windiest continent on earth.

Ready for a blast of chilling thrills? Enhance your imagination with some of these chilling thrillers:

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