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Life in the Middle Ages

What would it be like to live in Europe sometime between five- and nine-hundred years ago? We now call that time the Middle Ages between the classical civilizations of Greece and Rome and our own modern age. It was a time of knights and castles of elegant ladies and traveling minstrels, but it was also a time of great poverty and warfare.  What would it be like to be alive then and there? Here are some aids for your imagination:

Knights & Castles Through Art    Knights & Castles: Exploring History Through Art by Alex Martin


True Stories About Real People

 Here are a half dozen new picture book biographies 

 Abe Lincoln Crosses a Creek     Abe Lincoln Crosses a Creek: a Tall, Thin Tale (Introducing His Forgotten Frontier Friend) / Deborah Hopkinson ; pictures by John Hendrix

When he was seven Abraham Lincoln fell into Knob Creek near his home in Kentucky.  He might have drowned. Luckily for him his friend Austin got him out of the water in time.  What would it be like to be there then?  Would you fish him out with a fishing pole, or jump in after him?


Yo Ho Ho!

School’s just started and already you’re thinking of running away to sea to get away from it all?              


Girl Detective, Hard-Boiled Variety

What do you do when you’re playing with your grandmother’s binoculars, looking out the window at the hotel across the street and you see a burglary in progress—wait, don’t answer yet—and the burglar looks up and sees you watching him?


To boldly go… in your ear: Episode 2: the Radio and Other Full-cast Audio Thrills!

Thanks to Signor Marconi and his fellow inventors we have the marvelous wonders of wireless telegraphy. And what better use could be made of invisible waves traveling at the speed of light than to bring you the drama from long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away.
Star Wars Radio Drama cover    Star Wars: the Radio Drama Brian Daley turned the original 1977 two-hour film by George Lucas into a six-hour thirteen-part radio play for National Public Radio in 1981....

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