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Hard Times Growing Up

Photograph of poor children in Georgia
Not everyone had an ideal childhood. For some there was poverty, uncertainty and a parent who drank too much. While these left deep emotional scars on some that persisted into adulthood, there were others who overcame their early impoverishment and became well adjusted and successful adults. Here are the memories and reflections of three, two journalists and a teacher who remember not only the pains of childhood, but also the strengths that it gave them.


Unfunny Books

Horrifying Graphic Novels



Classic Creepy Codices and Spine-Tingling Stories: a Continuation & Sequel*

Creepy two
*You Were Warned Before And Now You Are Back For More?

Classic Creepy Codices and Spine-Tingling Stories: a Continuation & Sequel / compiled by Dr. Henry Armitage, Chief Librarian, Miskatonic University, as a Warning to Stay Away from Knowledge of Forbidden Things That You Would Sleep Better If Didn’t Know About!


Child Soldiers

Three emotionally powerful and difficult reads

Child Soldiers

They are not difficult because the language is complex or the stories convoluted, on the contrary, in all three books the language is clear and straightforward and the narrative is plain. What is difficult is to hear the horrific truth of children torn from school and family waging war with automatic weapons.

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