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The Official Evelyn Meador Branch Library Groundbreaking!


Here is what we’ve been waiting for!
The official Groundbreaking Celebration for the new and improved Evelyn Meador Branch Library will be held Friday, February 19th, 2010 at 12:00 PM.
The Friends Board will host a short reception afterwards on site.

Showdown at Two-Bit Creek

showdown at two-bit

A Makeover for Pearl

Meet Pearl the Pelican. Pearl recently underwent a makeover, and we think she looks great! The new and improved Pearl was unveiled at the Evelyn Meador Friend’s Annual Spaghetti Dinner at Bay Elementary School on January 29th. Along with our library, she was damaged by Hurricane Ike.  Pearl is one of many pelicans in the Seabrook area that are part of the Pelican Path Project, sponsored by the Seabrook Association. Tom Diegelman is coordinating the restoration of a number of the PPP pelicans needing repairs due to the storm. Pearl was originally designed and painted by Rosanne Frazier. Her rennovation was completed by another local artist, Marianne Filler.

Bloopers Western Style

I don't normally associate the word 'cute' with westerns. However, after reading Bill Pronzini’s The Last Days of Horse-Shy Halloran, I can't think of a word more appropriate. Horse-Shy Halloran is a wanna-be road agent who hopes to get his hands on an upcoming gold shipment worth millions.

Friends of Evelyn Meador Annual Spaghetti Dinner & Silent Auction

 Here's a great opportunity to show your support for the new Evelyn Meador Library project!

DATE: January 29, 2010

TIME: 5:00 - 7:30 pm

PLACE: Bay Elementary School Cafeteria (Seabrook)

CATERING BY: Angelo's Pizza & Pasta

TICKETS: $6.00 Adults - $3.00 Child

Tickets may be purchased at the door or from any Friends of Evelyn Meador Board Member.

Proceeds to benefit the Friend's of Evelyn Meador Library.


For more information or to volunteer, please call Marianne Kolar (281-474-9242)

photo from FlickrCC: 29/04 Spaghetti with pinenuts by StimpsonJCat.

Caution: Ranger at Work

Arizona Ranger Sam Burrack generally likes to work alone. After all, his line of work is a dangerous business, and having to watch out for a partner can be a fatal distraction. For one thing, the kind of men he hunts down usually have no qualms about shooting you in the back, if they get the chance. For another, his partner is new to the Arizona Ranger force and still somewhat green, although game for anything that comes along.

The Mystery of Crazy Horse

Crazy Horse.

Thank You Lunar Rendezvous

Each year, since 1976, the Lunar Rendezvous Festival(a 501c3 organization) has raised thousands of dollars by hosting a variety of dinners, auctions, games, fashion shows, fun runs and other activities and then donating the money to causes that help stimulate and develop the cultural activities of the Galveston Bay Area.

Louis L'Amour's Treasure Mountain

Tell and Orrin are looking for their father who disappeared twenty years earlier. They want their Ma to rest easy and not fret about what became of him in her last years. So, they start their search in New Orleans, his last known location, with little to go on other than nerve and tenacity. But that’s nothing new for the Sacketts. They’ve been pretty much up against it since the family first came to this continent in the 1600s. 

Holiday Craft Time at Seabrook Community House

One of the best ways to get into the spirit of the season is to try your hand at making your own ornaments. Join local craft queen Annette Kinslow and Ms. Pearson for a Make-Your-Own Holiday Craft at the Seabrook Community House (by City Hall) on Wednesday, December 9th at 4:30 p.m. The activity will focus on making wire or foam ornaments for the Christmas tree. Seating will be limited.

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