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New Hunger Games Movie Website

The Hunger Games movie is in full swing with teaser trailers, MTV VMA showings, and now a new website called The Capitol.

Right now the website seems to be sorting you into Districts in preparation for the 74 th Hunger Games.  It works with Facebook and Twitter to sort you and gives you the opportunity to "Expedite" you application.  If you drag the screen to the right there are several other things to look at such as a Gross Domestic Product breakdown for the districts of Panem and a news ticker.  Their is also a chart to show which districts take the most tessarre.  Who knows what the website will do next but until then "May the odds be ever in your favor!"



Sneak Peek of the Hunger Games film Sunday at the MTV VMA's

Pom Pom Buddies!

Come to Tweeners on Wednesday August 31st @ 5pm to make Pom Pom Buddies!  All kids 8-12 are welcome!


Tweeners on Wednesday!

Come make a Bandana Bag Wednesday August 24th @ 5pm!  This program is recommended for kids from 4th to 7th grade.


Star Wars and Eragon

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