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HCPL Friends: Birdies for Charity

As budgets get smaller, the financial support of the Harris County Friends of the Library becomes more important then ever to our libraries.  The Friends help pay for the summer reading programs, staff scholarships, program refreshments and ebooks for the collection.  Over the last five years, they have donated over $15,000 to help fund services at county libraries.  

The primary fundraiser of the Harris County Friends of the Library has been a wonderful program run by the Houston Golf Association called Birdies for Charity.  It is centered on the Shell Houston Open but you don't have to golf at all for a chance to win a car, just be willing to donate to your favorite cause, Harris County Friends of the Library.&...

Romance on the Road

it happened one nightI don't think I'm the only one whose thoughts have turned to spring breaks and vacations.  Since I won't be taking one next month, I thought I'd escape on a fictional vacation and celebrate the road trip romance.  Remember the movies It Happened One Night or Romancing the Stone?  Think of those in book form:  a (usually harrowi...

Series Titles Worth the Wait

clocksWhen you are a dedicated series reader, over time you notice that certain recurring characters seem to take on extra life.  They pop up more frequently and always get the best lines.  They are endearing and engaging.  They find a special place in your reading heart.

That's why one of my pet peeves as a romance series reader is to finally get to one of these stories and it doesn't seem worthy of the character who inspired it.

Not to despair!  I read two series titles last week that avoided this problem entirely -- they were worth the wait.


Pick Up HCPL Items at the Texas Medical Center Library

tmc libraryIt’s not always easy navigating the area around the Texas Medical Center, so HCPL and the TMC Library hope to reduce daily stress for those who work or seek treatment in the Medical Center with the availability of public library items for pick-up and browsing in the TMC Library.


Romance Roundup 2011

scandalous desiresIt's the time of year when everyone is making their "best of" lists for any given topic.  Why should I be any different?  The books listed below are the romance books I liked the most that were published in 2011.  It looks like it was a good year for historical romances for me, with a smattering of paranormal and suspense.  What about you?  Any favorite romances from this year that you'd like to share?


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