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On the day I blogged about the collection of cookbooks at Maud Marks Library the public radio discussed the need of teaching home economics, especially cooking at school. Even though cooking has cachet at least among certain people now, it is seen as a lost life skill. A return to home cooking meals could help address the growing obesity problem among children. We can all agree that by preparing foods at home we can make them much more healthfully. Until cooking is a subject at school, parents you can start at home now. Just visit Maud Marks for ideas and books.


Dinner? Done





A cool place



Hot as weather


Summer is sizzling hot at Maud Marks Library. There are special activities and programs for every age, new born to seniors  every week thru August 6. Bricks4Kids LEGO Building on Wednesday June 22 was a big hit with school age children. Tickets for the two shows at 2:pm and 3:15 pm were all given out by noon.

Children (and parents too) if you are still looking for more creative ways, check it out on our website There are several books on this subject. One of the newest titles is LEGO: A LOVE STORY. 


Another good reason to visit your library

When we need a book ,  a CD or a movie, we go on line to request from our library and wait for it to arrive to pick up. There are other times we should visit our library, especially now that HCPL materials are "floating" which means they will stay at the location they are returned. If you think the maud marks collection have been expanded, you are very right. Come and browse. You may find a long lost interest or a title that would jog your memory. "New" materials arrive every day, especially DVD's

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