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The Summer Book is now online!

Hey parents! Are you looking for things to keep your child busy this summer?  In addition to our Summer Reading Program and activities, there are lots of great things to do in Houston.  In past years, many of these activities were compiled in The Summer Book, which was available in our branches. Now it's even easier since The Summer Book has gone online.  Whether your kids are interested in robotics, dance, or anything in between you can find it in this searchable database of over 200 day camps and activities for kids in the Houston area.


1001 Books Before Kindergarten

This early literacy program is designed to help ready your child for Kindergarten. It sounds like a lot of books, but if you read only three books a day, you will be done in just about a year!

We hope you & your child will grow to love reading as much as we do, and we know that you will create special memories of reading together through participation in this program.

Check with the staff at your branch library to see what resources and programs are offered locally to guide and encourage you and your child through your reading journey.  Sign up with your librarian, or simply download the materials from our website.


Barbara Park, author of Junie B. Jones, has passed away

Barbara Park, beloved creator of Junie B. Jones, has passed away after a battle with ovarian cancer.  She was 66 years old.

Park was the author of over 50 books, more than half of which starred the incorrigible Junie B. Jones.  Park and Junie have been entertaining children for 20 years; from 1992's Junie B. J...

New Book Picks -- September 2013

Toddlers (Ages 1-3)

Little Owl Lost by Chris Haughton
While his mother is away finding food, a newborn  owl  falls out of his nest and anxiously tries to find her, receiving help from various forest animals.


Have Book — Will it be a hero or a villain?

So what did everyone choose for their explosive read last week?  Whatever it was, I hope you had a fun and relaxing Fourth of July weekend!

This week's Amazing read challenge is the classic battle of good vs. evil, hero vs. villain.  It could be a classic superhero comic book, a murder mystery, or a book by or about a personal hero of your own.  As always, get creative!  Half the fun is seeing how everyone interprets the challenge.

I haven't chosen a side yet, myself.  In the hero's corner is The Girls of Atomic City by Denise Kiernan - the true story of the women who worked at the Oak Ridge, TN atomic facility during WWII.  In the villain&#...

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