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thirteen reasons why bookjacketIf you’re on the request list for 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher or if you’ve already read the book and loved it, you might check out some of these reads.

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Soft Spot for Series

Book Worm Bot by Jenn and Tony BotLike many readers, I love a good series.  Whether the series has been out for a while and I can read them at my own pace – or – whether the series is more recent and I’m anxiously awaiting the release date of the next book, there is something enjoyable about revisiting characters or their worlds over multiple installations.  What are some of your favorite series?

Mer’s Series Picks

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Teens’ Top Ten 2011

Teens' Top Ten LogoThe Teens’ Top Ten list is like a “people’s choice” list; each title is nominated and voted on by teens, ages 12-18.  So unlike other award lists or awards for young adult literature, which are decided pretty exclusively by adults who work with teens, the Teens’ Top Ten is a chance for teen readers to voice their choice and pick out the best books published in the past year.  The nominated titles are announced each spring during National Library Week and online voting happens between mid-August and mid-September.  The final Teens Top Ten list is announced each year during Teen Read Week.  This year 9,000 teens voted nation-wide.  Do you see your fav

The Horror! The Horror!: Reads for Teens

Halloween pumpkin by missteeeWhat is the appeal of the frightening?  For many of us, we can consider ourselves lucky that we rarely (if ever) encounter a truly terrifying experience.  Many of us go to school, go to work, go hang out with our friends; the most frightening thing we might encounter on a typical day is the school’s mystery meatloaf.  But there is something undeniably exciting about a book that makes us want to turn all the lights on and double-check that all the doors are locked, or a movie that has us covering our eyes as the music crescendos in a feverish pitch.  We can hear the blood pumping in our ears, but still feel secure that the book or movie is only a story.  When we leave the theater, no zombies are going to attack us as we go to our cars.  Once the book is

Star-Crossed Love in YA Fiction

Love by ShanissinhaProbably one of the most famous star-crossed couples in literary history is Romeo and Juliet; the relationship obviously didn’t end very well and we pretty much knew from the beginning that, whatever their feelings, outside forces were going to keep them apart.  Although Romeo and Juliet are probably the number 1 model for a typical star-crossed couple, there are many star-crossed couples throughout young adult fiction.  A couple might be kept apart because of outside forces (parents, family, friends, society, circumstance, ancient supernatural curse, etc.) or they might even be keeping themselves apart (“we’re so different, I don’t think this could ever work!” – even if we know it could).  Below I’ve listed some of my favorite star-crossed

Geek Out!

Minifig Characters # 3: Monty Python's Lumberjack by minifigI’m a librarian, which already marks me as pretty geeky.  But growing up I was fairly nerdy, too. I was awfully geeky about music and movies.  I had a consuming obsession with Monty Python (the Flying Circus and the movies…and maybe a little crush on Eric Idle, circa 1971).  I loved (and still do love) to read historical fiction, I only ever wore Converse low-tops, and I really loved school (except, perhaps, for some of the people I went to school with).  I remember very clearly a “Dress Like a Geek” day in high school.  I didn’t dress up, although several brutally mean boys in my first period English Lit class were convinced I had.

Way to Go, Champ!: Sports Fiction for Teens

183/365 Bowling Shoes by stuartpilbrowI never played many sports growing up.  I had my share of some tremendously awful Physical Education classes in school and a bowling class where the opposing team glared at me whenever I would cheer their strikes or spares (which I totally didn’t get, because they had done well and I was just trying to be supportive even if they weren’t on my team).  What I ultimately learned from these experiences?  1. If there is a piece of sporting equipment that can fly through the air and hit me in the head, it will.  2.

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month!

Agrarian Leader Zapata, Diego Rivera. Photo by: IslesPunkFanEach year in the United States between September 15 and October 15 we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by paying tribute to people of Hispanic heritage from the past and present who have impacted our nation and who have enriched our American culture.  Living in the Houston area, we enjoy a wonderful diversity of cultural influences and there are many different opportunities open for us to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.  How will you celebrate?

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Back to School Reads

Day 101: Lockers by Visions By VickyWhether you’re still excited to be back at school, are counting down the days until the upcoming three-day weekend, are already feeling overwhelmed with homework, or are still lamenting over the end of summer, you might check out one of these Back to School Reads!  Each book takes place during the school year or feature school life in a big way.  So take a break and read!  What are your favorite back to school reads?

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