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AP & Pre-AP Summer Reading Discussion Groups

thinking & readingAugust 9th - August 18th  Are you or someone you know going to be taking AP or Pre-AP Language Arts or Social Studies this upcoming Fall?  At Freeman, we've got you covered.  Join us for student and group-led discussions of the required summer reading to help get yourself in gear for the school year (and enjoy some snacks while you're at it)!

Boarding Schools = Bizarre Happenings

plaid skirt comboWith the beginning of school fast approaching, I got to thinking about all the books I’ve read in the past couple of years that feature boarding schools. I, as a strictly public school gal, never had the private or boarding school experience. Based entirely on totally unscientific data and on the young adult fiction I’ve read, you might come to expect some fairly bizarre, a little bit crazy, life-threatening, and/or supernatural occurrences. What are your favorite boarding school reads?

Mer’s Bizarre Boarding School Picks:


End of the Teen SRP Party!

balloonsThis Friday, August 6th @ 2:30 pm we will be celebrating the end of the Teen Summer Reading Program for 2010!! We will have food, music, games, crafts, prizes, and more! Haven’t signed up yet for SRP? You still have time left to log your books or minutes.
Flickr CCBalloons Photo by: Crystl

Freeman Teens Read

televisionWe always have a great time discussing our favorite books, movies, TV shows, games and music in our Freeman Teens Read club and today was no exception! Check out what Freeman teens recommend:

Cures for Boredom: Laughter!

boredomSummer is definitely coming to a close. With just a few weeks remaining until school starts again, we’ve all got a limited amount of time to get in our extra sleep and to spend lazy afternoons hanging out with friends. But if you’re starting to feel twinges of boredom (there, really, is just so much time you can spend watching YouTube videos before your brain feels like it’s going to melt), check out a book that will make you laugh! What are your favorite funny books?

Mer’s Funny Picks:


Don’t Buy a Thrill...

creepy runner pictureWhen you can borrow one from the library! Want something that’ll keep you at the edge of your seat? Try a thriller – full of suspense, tension and excitement. What do you read just for thrills?

Mer’s Thriller Picks:


Weird Science

beakerJoin us next Wednesday, July 21st @ 2:30 pm in the Teen Zone for a science experiment that’s just plain weird.  Who knows? It might even give you an idea for your science fair project next year.
Flickr CC: Science Fun Photo by: jurvetson

Cures for Boredom: Adventure Stories

boredom is your fault graffitiAt this point we’re pretty much right in the middle of the summer break. Yes, we’ve had fun. Yes, we’ve been waking up late. Yes, we’ve been watching bad television. I don’t know about you, but at about this time during the summer I get a little stir crazy and restless. If you are feeling bored, check out a suspenseful tale of adventure or survival. It might just give you the jump-start you need.

Mer’s Cures for Boredom:


Grab a Bundle!

open bookHave you registered for the Teen Summer Reading Program? Well, you totally should if you haven’t. You still have plenty of time to finish your 5 books or 600 minutes before August 7th. To help you out, we’ve got book bundles by the first floor customer service desk. As you check out, check out a bundle! Each bundle has a theme (for example: Classic Science Fiction, Mystery Must-Reads, Music=Life, Tales of the City) and includes three books to get you started.
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Get a Clue: Award Winners

eye spyI love a good mystery and each year the Mystery Writers of America present an Edgar Allan Poe (or Edgar) Award to the best Young Adult mystery. Below I’ve listed some recent (and not so recent) winners, but you can check out the full list as well. What are your favorite mysteries?

Edgar Award Winners for Best Young Adult Mystery:


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