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Get Crafty

book bindingLooking for something fun and free to do? Want to create something unique for yourself or to give as a gift? Join us next Tuesday, July 6th @ 2:30pm in the Teen Zone for a book binding craft. Bring your own pictures to make a photo album or create your own journal. It’ll be a lot of fun – see you there!
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The Classics…Remixed

library shelvesMost of us have had to read our fair share of “classic” literature for school. It might have been Shakespeare; it might’ve been Mark Twain; it might’ve been one of the Brontë sisters. Whether you’ve read the classics (and are looking for a new take on the originals) or you’ve never been forced to read the classics (but are curious what some of them are about), I highly recommend checking out some remixed classics. What are your favorites? What do you suggest? *Bonus points if you can name the original tale that corresponds to the remix*

Mer’s Classics Remixed Picks:

Take Me To Your Reader!

alien or not?Have you registered for the Teen Summer Reading Program? If you haven’t, there is still plenty of time to sign up and complete it by reading 5 books or for 600 minutes. Next Wednesday, June 30th @ 2:30 pm you’re invited to join us in the Teen Zone to talk about all that you’ve been reading this summer: what you’ve loved, what you’ve hated, what you recommend and what you suggest we all avoid! It’ll be a lot of fun – see you there!
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Fairy Tale Endings…

fairy tale castleI’ve always been a little resistant to fairy tales. The whole “happily ever after” thing never sat well with me. But often the versions of fairy tales I saw or heard growing up bore little resemblance to their origins (which were sometimes just down-right creepy) and there are many retellings of fairy tales that put a whole new twist on some tired old tales. What fairy tales do you love or hate?

Mer’s Fairy Tale Reads:


Freeman Teens: Game On!

wii remotesJoin us every Thursday throughout the Teen Summer Reading Program in the large Meeting Room for video games, board games, card games, food, fun and raffle prizes! Have a suggestion for a great game we can play? Let us know!
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Deep in the Heart of Texas

welcome to texasI wasn’t born in Texas and most of my life was spent living elsewhere. I certainly can’t claim to be a Native Texan. I’m a transplant, but one who has come to deeply enjoy the uniqueness and diversity of the people, cultures, and environments within this Lone Star State. I’ve picked several books that (at some point) take place in Texas; hopefully you’ll find one you enjoy, too. What do you love about Texas?   

Mer’s Texas Reads:


The Trials and Tribulations of Suburban Life

chicago suburb from the airI have a love/hate relationship with the suburbs. Having spent some time living in suburban and planned communities, I have grown to truly detest the homogeneity, the predominance of big-box chain stores, and the Stepford Wives-like creepiness that some suburban environments seem prone to breed in their residence. But, then again, I wouldn’t be the fabulous person I am today having not had the American suburban experience. Below I’ve listed some titles I have enjoyed that feature the suburbs (some in a creepy way, others as merely a backdrop to the action). What do you love or hate about the ‘burbs?

Mer’s Suburban Reads:

Teen Summer Reading Program

can you read luke skywalker?Are you going to be reading this summer? Like, at all? Not even your text messages!?! If you plan on reading (even a little bit), you should definitely join the Teen Summer Reading Program! Any amount or type of reading counts and you can even win some pretty sweet prizes just by signing up. We’ve got tons of activities and events scheduled throughout the summer and we’re kicking off the Summer Reading Program in style THIS FRIDAY, JUNE 4TH @ 2:30 PM! Join us for food, fun, games, prizes and more!
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Summer Time

watermelonSummer is a great time to catch up on fun (rather than required-by-school) reading and of course by reading you can participate in the Teen Summer Reading Program! I’ve put together a list of books I enjoyed, each either taking place during summer or featuring travel. What is on your to read list for summer?

Mer’s Summer Reads:


Anti-Twilight Reads

total solar eclipseThe newest movie in the Twilight Saga (Eclipse) is set to come out in June and, much as with the previous two releases, there is bound to be much excitement and an overwhelming amount of glee from the Pro-Twilight camp. For those of you who could care less or who are staunchly Anti-Bella & Gang, I’ve put together a list of Anti-Twilight reads that combine horror or dark fantasy with a bit of tongue-in-cheek wit. What would you suggest?

Mer’s Anti-Twilight Reads:


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