Celebrate with Books

Happy Father's Day. 

Reading books with your child is a great way to celebrate Fathers Day. 

My Dad, My Hero  Ethan Long.

Share this laugh-out-loud picture book with your dad. Ethan Long's spot-on artwork perfectly accompanies this super funny and super sweet story. We all know that dads' can't leap tall buildings, run faster than a speeding bullet, or shoot webs out of his wrists. However, this book demonstrates that dads may not have super powers, but they are a hero at heart.

I Love My Dad  Anna Walker.

A young zebra named Ollie has fun with his dad as they bake banana bread, climb trees, and playing piggyback..
My Dad  Anthony Browne.

This is an endearing homage to dads everywhere.  A boy describes the many accomplishments and feats of his father. Among the traits praised are his enormous talent for singing, his near-professional wrestling skills, his extreme bravery in the face of danger (he's not even afraid of the Big Bad Wolf!).  All of the pictures feature the lovable pater in his signature plaid bathrobe, adding a further comfy layer to a book whose ultimate message is "I love my dad. And you know what? HE LOVES ME! ...And he always will.".
 Me and My Dad!  Alison Ritchie 

My dad is the best daddy bear there could be. We're together forever-my dad and me."Little Bear and his dad do wonderful things-exploring high mountains, swimming in the rain, and telling stories as the stars come out. Best of all, they do everything together!With spirited illustrations, this book is a warm, funny celebration of the special bond between father and child. Perfect for Father's Day!

  Mister Seahorse  Eric Carle.

When Mrs. Seahorse lays her eggs, she does it on Mr. Seahorse's belly! She knows he will take good care of them. While he swims waiting for the eggs to hatch, he meets some other underwater fathers caring for their babies: Mr. Tilapia, who carries his babies in his mouth; Mr. Kurtus, who keeps his on his head; and Mr. Catfish, who is baby-sitting his young hatchlings. Eric Carle has done it again, with astonishingly beautiful collage illustrations and a story that introduces the very young to the wonders of aquatic life, and some very special daddies. A "hide and seek" feature with acetate overlays adds a colorful surprise.

The Fathers are Coming Home  Margaret Wise Brown 

This lyrical tribute to fathers concludes with a young boy whose father is a sailor coming home from the sea to his son.