Cheap Thrills :)

     Now that's what I'm talking about! Cheap being the operative word smiley I've found it's the little (free) things that make people happy. For example, if you clean your room,  your parents go wild! Now, I know I hate cleaning my house. But I've found if I clean even just one spot, say take all my junk off the kitchen table, so you can actually eat on it, my husband is so excited! Hardly any work for me, but I've got a happy husband! So, you could always clean say, part of your bedroom and your parents would be so excited, they probably wouldn't bug you about the rest of the mess for awhile yes Quick tip: when that spot gets messy again, clean a different spot. If you keep cleaning up the same mess, your parents will catch on. Besides, let them think you care about cleaning your room. It makes them so happy cool