So my friend David found this really cool program for Teen Read Week in October. It's called Chiptunes and sadly, I had not heard of it before now . Let me tell you, this is a super cool idea and is going to be a really neat program. You take an old gaming system (NES, Atari, Sega, etc.) and use it's sound chip to create music on your computer. And we'll have a DJ here on Oct. 22nd @ 4pm to show you how it works!! It's going to be an awesome program . And just in case you aren't totally psyched already, check out cool video link using NES: 

And yes, this is what a Nintendo gaming console looked like when I was a kid             




Hi Cathy! It is @ Kingwood

Hi Cathy! It is @ Kingwood Library! It's going to a be a fantastic program! Be sure to tell your friends! I'm looking forward to meeting you all!

This sounds awesome! Which

This sounds awesome! Which library is this at? Kingwood? I'm putting this on my calender now so I don't forget. see everyone there

If you are interested in

If you are interested in watching "Reformat the Planet" a documentary on chiptunes, feel free to come to the Aldine Library where we will have a special screening of it on Wednesday, October 13th. We will also be having a chiptunes program on Wednesday, October 20th. Feel free to come to Aldine as well as Kingwood and experince it twice, it never hurts to experience something more than once... :) Here's the link for info: Feel free to check out the Aldine Library location site too: