A Fitting End To The Series

magicians land  I finally got a chance to finish The Magicians series, and I’m glad that I did.


A few posts back I mentioned that I was giving The Magicians another shot. My first read through I stopped about three quarters in because I just couldn’t stand the protagonist, Quentin Coldwater. The second time around I forced myself to finish book one, and moved straight into The Magician King. I felt book two was definitely an improvement, but was still frustrated by Quentin’s whining.  Would he ever grow up?

Then I got my library copy of The Magician’s Land. Finally, I was enjoying every bit of the books. Quentin no longer sounded like a bratty teenager. The book tied up all the loose ends that I had from the first two in the series, even surprising me with back stories I didn’t know we would be getting. As a whole I very much enjoyed the series, even if it took a few tries to get through the beginning.