An Inspiration

I recently took time to see a movie that my fifteen-year-old son recommended. Considering football is his sport of choice I was not surprised that this movie is centered on football. After seeing the film that is based on true events I could not help but to share this with you in hopes that you too will see it.

THE EXPRESS, THE ERNIE DAVIS STORY- is an inspiring and thought provoking film based on overcoming the  prejudices of the early 1960’s. Ernie Davis becomes the first African-American to win college football’s greatest tribute, the Heisman Trophy.

President Kennedy wrote the following pertaining to Ernie Davis, "He was an outstanding young man of great charcter who served-and my hope is, will continue to serve-as an inspiration to young people of this country."

I know this film inspired my son in his hopes to accomplish his future goals, 50 years later and Ernie Davis is still touching lives.