It's Never Too Soon to find your Past!


Looking for my Irish ancestors has been gratifying and an enormous challenge. With last names of Kelly, McNamara and Noonan it has been looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack. I flew into Dublin, with the intent to visit the National Library of Ireland during my down time.  I had done my research beforehand using Harris County Public Library’s Database, ( is available for users who are using a library computer; there is no remote access to this resource.)

After unloading my coat, backpack and everything else but my laptop into a locker, I proceeded into the consultation room with many other American’s looking for their relatives. The genealogist was surprised that I knew which County my Great Grandparents were born. She asked me how I had confirmed that Patrick was born in Cavan and I told her about a great resource, New York Emigrant Savings Bank, 1850-1883. During September 1867 Patrick opened a bank account with his current address, occupation, birth year, where he was born and his journey to the United States. By then he was married to my great grandmother and her name is also listed. The Genealogist became very helpful.

We used a book by John Grenham ; Tracing Your Irish Ancestors: The Complete Guide and went to The County Cavan section. We found what Roman Catholic records had survived and which ones had perished. I am now in the process of writing the parish churches and with a bit of the "Luck of the Irish" I’ll hear from them soon.


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Shawn, I like this post!

Shawn, I like this post! Please check out the one I just posted on Biography Resource Center. Jorie

Thank you Jorie. I have

Thank you Jorie. I have looked at your recommended site and enjoyed it.