Moon Art One Lands in Seabrook

Local artist paints the space suits that made history!


Ron Woods paints the suits the astronauts wear to go into space. That's a rather unique specialty for an artist.  If you wonder why (like I did). here is your answer.

As part of my 47 years in the space program, I have had the good fortune to know the people who design, manufacture and wear the space suits on Earth, near Earth orbit and on the Moon.  Unlike other flight hardware, once donned and in the vacuum of space, the suit is a spacecraft in itself.  The Space Suit, is a true marvel of engineering and art.  That is my inspiration for most of my paintings.

My goal as an artist is to document my feelings of our past experiences of space flight and to pass on the American adventure to the new generation of space enthusiast.

As part of my painting experience, I enjoy working with oils, watercolor and acyrlics. 

Thank you for viewing my art work at the Seabrook Library. 

Best Regards,

Ron Woods