Preparing to Peruse a Paper Pyramid

Next month we're starting to read The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan in Kid's Korner.  For those who liked The Lightning Thief or just love different types of mythology, you should come check it out.  We start at 4pm every Wednesday and will continue until the story's over. 

Carter Kane was 8 when his mother died and his sister was 6.  From then on Carter and his father only saw Sadie twice a year, once in the summer and once in winter, because Julius Kane's in-laws blamed him for their daughter's death.   Carter's now 14 and he and his father are on their bi-annual trip to London when his father blows up the British Museum and Carter and Sadie find themselves embroiled in ancient powers they had never imagined existed.

With great humor and a lot of action Rick Riordan writes from both Carter and Sadie's point of view.  Those who have read the newest incarnation in the world of Percy Jackson The Lost Hero will recognize the style.