Seattle, Washington a beautiful City to Visit off season!

Stag, Mt. Rainier, WA

I just returned from Seattle, Washington and have become enchanted with the region. The area is dotted with rolling hills, Farmer’s Markets with beautiful flowers and scrumptious vegetables and grand views of Puget Sound. Mt. Rainier National Park was my favorite destination. We hiked on a well maintained trail to view spectacular gardens and waterfalls. The biggest surprise was the not so wild deer. The female would occasionally look at all the tourists shooting photo’s of her in bashful poses and the regal young male looked on us in a defiant posture exuding “do not get any closer to me or your photo shoot will be over”.
I recommend a week’s trip to the area in the fall or spring. Children will be delighted with the outdoor activities and it was a cool respite from the Houston heat. Before you go, check out Harris County Public Library eBranch and search for Mt Rainier National Park. You will be glad to have discovered eBooks.

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