On the Shelf: Have a New Husband by Friday

Ladies, listen up! Whether you’ve been married for decades or, like me, you’re pursuing the possibilities of a new and exciting relationship, you’ll want to read Have a New Husband by Friday by Dr. Kevin Leman.

In his new book, bestselling author and psychologist Leman offers a simple (but not necessarily easy!) game plan that focuses on changing attitudes, behavior and communication. Building on the basic premise that men and women are different (and that’s a good thing!), he outlines ways in which we can honor those differences while also being true to ourselves. Men most need to be respected, needed and fulfilled, Leman believes, while women most need affection, honest, open communication and commitment.  “See…why sometimes you rub each other the wrong way?” he asks, adding that he’s never had one man who has been respected, needed and fulfilled by his (mate) come to his office to seek a divorce.  Why? “Because those three basics are the foundation for your (mate) to be the man he’s intended to be.”
Much of Leman’s advice we’ve likely heard (and ignored!)  in the past – “If you wait for your guy to notice you need something, you’ll be waiting a long time.” “He won’t say it, but he’ll be thinking, Could you just get to the point?” “Your (guy) needs to be needed. Not by just anyone, but by you. You figure much higher in (his) thoughts and life than you might think.” “Sex can open a man’s ears like nothing else.”
Leman offers many more suggestions for tuning up your relationship with your mate. Interested? Then check out Have a New Husband by Friday, give some of them a try, and let me know how it’s working for you!