Something New in the Magazine Section

We have 4 new magazine subscriptions available to check out! Kiki is a magazine for girls who love life, love to be creative and who are looking for good ideas. It is for the girl who wants to be an individual, has her own style and who is confident and strong. This magazine is really cool and wish it had been around when I was a young girl between the ages of 10 through teen years.

Popular Mechanics is back on our shelves and has up-to-the-minute know-how and ideas about automotive, technology, home and outdoors and science information.

Another magazine we are receiving is really an exciting magazine for teachers, librarians or anyone needing activities and lessons in all the curriculum areas - Library Sparks. It also gives helps on motivating children to read. Don't let the word "library" in the title keep you away from this loaded magazine!

My super favorite magazine to look at and spin my dreams with is Dwell. Even though this seems like a far out modernistic magazine, it actually let's you see that it is possible for common people like me to be able to live in an architect's home-design, or a home under 1,000 square feet or even my dream house - a home in the trees called a treehouse!! Pick up this magazine and have fun!