Staff Favs :)

 Isn't she just the cutest? I love this little dog and think she makes a great little mascot  for YA smiley Which is why I've decided to shake things up in YA. We've got all our reading lists, our classics, our required for school books, but sometimes you just want to read for fun. But maybe you've read everything by your favorite author and all the books your friends have suggested. You know the library staff is going to have lots of great suggestions, and sometimes it's just fun to browse. So why not make it a little easier? With that in mind, I created a "Staff Fav" label. Look for the cute little dog and the words "Staff Fav" on the spine wink These are titles that we love and recommend. I've asked all staff to recommend their favorite YA reads and told them to read some YA, if they haven't yet!! Hey, it's all about the teens, right? So keep an eye out for our little mascot. She'll be popping up on books all through YA cool