Teen Tech Week!!!

 Teen Tech Week is here!! As teens, I know you loooove technology! :) I do to!!! And have we got technology! Are you like me and you're e-reader is with you all the time? How about your iPod? I don't go anywhere without one of my favorite gadgets. I couldn't imagine being without my music, the internet or a good book!! Which is one of the reasons I'm so grateful for the library! I totally can't afford to buy every book I want to read and with access to our digital catalog, I can check out books that I've been dying to read, but just don't have the money to purchase. And I don't have to worry about fines! When the book is due, it will expire and I no longer have access to it on my computer or my e-reader. That's one less book to worry about returning! I've even downloaded videos before from the library! Be sure to check out the digital media catalog. Here's the link: http://hcpl.lib.overdrive.com/D4446DC2-F38C-4B45-9D5D-684B8793CAAA/10/387/en/Default.htm