'Tis the season to be considering our diets and exercise. Groan! We want to be able to enjoy chowing down during Thanksgiving and all the other Holidays we celebrate between now and the first of the year. I try to watch my intake before these times and then at the beginning of the New Year I really "hit it". I have learned that moderation is a HUGE part in losing weight. Recently, I cut my sugar intake way back. That's all I did. Of course, my serving sizes are fairly small too. I was able to lose weight! WOW! What that sugar does to us! However, now I really want to get into exercising. The library hasbooks, e-books and dvds with exercises for different areas of our body. Try getting a few friends together to have a lot of fun while you exercise. Everyone needs to exercize and to improve their health. Give it a try! Let us know how it's going by responding to this blog.