Want to Learn and Try a New Craft?

Ready to try something new in the line of crafts? Something that is fun, fairly easy, for all ages and inexpensive? I recommend that you try Quilling! What is Quilling? The history of Quilling goes at least as far back as the 1600's. It was revived in the 1800's and the Renaissance. Now it has come back again and is here to stay.

Come to the library and check out our books on Quilling! The picture on the left is one example of things you can do with the quilled objects. You can make a picture, decorate a frame, make jewelry, make baby or wedding shower items, note cards and anything else your mind can dream up and create.

Want to have fun with others who want to learn this craft? Start a small group at the library. Bring your materials and work together as a special interest group. Talk to us at the circulation desk and we will help you set up your first meeting time.