Louis L'Amour Read-a-Likes

List of authors similar to Louis L'Amour provided by the staff at the LaPorte Branch Library.

Max Brand. Gunman's Goal and others
Never known to prey upon the unwitting and defenseless, Geraldi stole only from other thieves. As a matter of fact, he was running away from one whose pocket he had picked when he first encountered Louise Asprey. Given refuge in the Asprey house, Geraldi is begged by Louise for help in finding her father, who has been a fugitive since he was falsely accused of murder five years ago. But Louise isn't the only one looking for Robert Asprey...

Don Coldsmith. Trail of the Spanish Bit and others
In the multi-million-copy bestselling tradition of Wagons West and White Indians comes the thrilling saga of a frontier so wild, so free, so magnificent that only men and women of unyielding courage could claim it. This novel begins the saga of the Elk-dog People, the first Native Americans of the Central Plains to tame the horse for use in hunting and war. The first in an incredible ten-volume series.

Loren D. Estleman. Black Powder, White Smoke and others
There are many shades of law in the Old West, and as four men are about to learn, truth isn't always black and white.

Cliff Farrell. Desperate Journey and others
Farrell's western stories are a celebration of the American past and the stuff that legends are made of. From "River Ambush" where a young man begins his journey aboard a flat boat on the Ohio River, to "Picture Bride" where a woman from the East suddenly finds herself in the lonely isolation of the Texas frontier, these stories capture the bold dreams and harsh realities of the pioneers who sought their destinies across a rugged American landscape.

Zane Grey. Rangers of the Lone Star and others
A U.S. deputy marshal on special assignment from the Texas Rangers must put a stop to rampant rustling and deal with the hostile mayor of the small community.

A. B. Guthrie. The Big Sky and others
Pulitzer Prize-winner Guthrie's bestselling saga of the West. With its living picture of the frontier, its stark and beautiful scenery and its extraordinary people, The Big Sky puts a name to the Western legend. This first volume of Guthrie's six Big Sky novels lays the foundation for an unforgettable journey.
Tony Hillerman. Dance Hall of the Dead and others
Two boys suddenly disappear, and Lt. Joe Leaphorn sets out to locate them. Three things complicate the search: an archaeological dig, a steel hypodermic needle, and the strange laws of the Zuni Indians.

Ray Hogan. Doomsday Marshal and the Mountain Man and others
Wilkinson is a merciless seven-foot-tall brute, three hundred pounds of murderous outlaw, responsible for the killing of a lawman and nine Utah-bound pilgrims and the kidnapping of an Indian girl. But a line lawman, cool and controlled, is on his trail.
Douglas C. Jones. Shadow of the Moon and others
Shadow of the moon takes us on a great expedition from Scotland to the untamed wilds of the Ohio River Valley and beyond.

Terry C. Johnston. Wind Walker and others
The final Titus Bass novel is a magnificent tribute to one of the most beloved characters in American frontier fiction as the mountain man faces hard changes and watches his beloved way of life die off.

Elmer Kelton. Pumpkin Rollers and others
In the cattle drives of the Old West, pumpkin rollers were green farmboys, almost more trouble than they were worth. When Trey McLean leaves an east Texas cotton farm to learn the cattleman's trade, he learns fast--about deceit among men and the love of a woman. When luck sets him on a cattle drive to Kansas, Trey learns the trade, and the unwritten code of violence that plagues it.

Larry McMurtry. Lonesome Dove and others
A love story and an epic of the frontier, Lonesome Dove is the grandest novel ever written about the last, defiant wilderness of America. Richly authentic, beautifully written, Lonesome Dove is a book to make readers laugh, weep, dream and remember.

Theodore Olsen. Deadly Pursuit and others
Silas Pine would turn fifty this autumn. What Silas wanted more than anything was one last chance at making peace with his son, Noah, who was marshal in Grafton, Wyoming. Arriving in the middle of a bank robbery wasn't the way Silas had pictured his long-awaited reunion with Noah. Neither was saving his son's life, getting shot and being mauled by a grizzly! At dawn, a posse of twelve men, led by Silas and Noah Pine, rode north out of Grafton in a pursuit more deadly than bullets or the Dark-Walkers of the Night...

Frank Roderus. Potter's Fields and others
This is the tale of Joe Potter, a cold-blooded killer who hides behind his badge. He lives for the thrill of sudden bloodshed, booze, and the women who make him feel whole again. But Joe can't outrun his demons. The moment of truth arrives when an Indian woman and her child force him to face the one thing he can't destroy--his past.

Jack Schaefer. Shane and others
In the summer of 1889, a mysterious and charismatic man rides into a small Wyoming valley, where he joins homesteaders who take a stand against a bullying cattle rancher, and where he changes the lives of a young boy and his parents.

Richard S. Wheeler. Downriver and others
At the trapper's rendezvous in Wyoming in 1838, Barnaby Skye, seaman-deserter from the Royal Navy, is offered an opportunity to become a post trader in his Crow Indian wife's homeland. He begins the journey to St. Louis to present himself as a candidate for the job and undergoes a lesson in survival on a Missouri River steamboat.