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One of dogs' many virtues is their seeming boundless capacity for empathy, another is their selflessness, yet another is that their default setting is to like you until they are given a good reason not to like you (compare that to the average human being you meet on Houston's freeways). That's why dogs are such good support animals. They are hardwired to help. When it comes to reluctant readers, the kind of nonjudgemental, unconditional love a dog gives can do wonders. Many Harris County Public Library branches offer programs that let children read to licensed therapy dogs (find out more here: 

One of our longest running and most beloved canine-centric programs is Lily's Library Tales at Katherine Tyra Branch Library @ Bear Creek. Join Lily, a certified therapy dog, and Ms. Betsy, her person, in the children’s area of the library on Saturdays for Lily’s Library Tales, a family storytime for children of all ages! No tickets are required to attend this program. Lily would love to see you there!