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The holidays are creeping up and for me that means binge watching AND reading all the things. Check out the following recommendations to find your next binge-worthy series.  

The Witcher

I am particularly excited for the second season of The Witcher featuring Henry Cavill. The Witcher is a fantasy series currently on Netflix that follows the main character Geralt as he tackles wild beasts and monsters (yes, I said monsters). I am often sad when I finish a good binge-watch, but that is where the library saves the day. Did you know that Harris County Public Library has The Witcher in print and ebook format? If you love the first two seasons and want to stay in the Witcher world, stop by your local library or visit to request The Witcher series.  


Once I finish catching up with The Witcher, I plan to move on to Outlander which is another TV series I have been told I need to get into. Outlander is a historical fantasy centered around nurse Claire who travels through time. While the TV series is still in production and airing new episodes, you can find copies of older seasons in the library system as well as the original book series by Diana Gabaldon. If you love fantasy combined with romance, history, and adventure, this is the series for you. 

The Last Kingdom

Another series I’m currently watching as I wrap presents nightly is The Last KingdomThe Last Kingdom is based on The Saxon Stories by Bernard Cornwell about the birth of England in the ninth and tenth centuries. If you love the history side of Game of Thrones, you are sure to enjoy this series while you wait for George RR Martin to complete his last two novels. 

The Wheel of Time

Lastly, we round out recommendations with The Wheel of Time which is currently streaming on Amazon. The Wheel of Time is a 14-volume series written by Robert Jordan with Brandon Sanderson as the co-author for the final three novels. I have not yet had the pleasure of watching this series, but it is on my to-watch list! If you love high fantasy, you'll love The Wheel of Time series. 

From fantasy to history and back to fantasy again, there's a series for everyone to begin this holiday season. 

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