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Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebrated on the third Monday of January in the United States, is often looked upon as a day of action, of finding ways to give back to the community. Most people know about King’s efforts to end segregation, fight against white supremacy, and, of course, his most famous speech, but toward the end of his life he started the Poor People’s Campaign, to lift people out of poverty, a movement that has carried on to today. As much as the world has changed since the Civil Rights Movement began, there are still so many ways that we can all work together to make things better, and more equitable, for everyone. The protests and struggles of recent years are a reminder that we are still fighting for a better world. If I’ve learned anything, it’s that empathy and caring about the safety and welfare of others are the only ways that we’ll make it through these hard times. Icons like Martin Luther King Jr., and the progress he made, are a reminder that there is hope for a better world if we are willing to act. 

To celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy this upcoming weekend, we’ve put together a list of books that share his message of hope and equality. Many of these are available as e-books, so you should be able to check them out, even when the library is closed! 

Economic Inequality

Cover of the book The Sum of Us

Cover of the book Working Class History

Cover of the book Caste

Book Cover for King and the Other America



Book Cover for Black is the Body

Book Cover for When They Call You a Terrorist

Book Cover for The Fire Next Time

Book Cover of Between the World and Me



Book Cover for Citizen

Book Cover of Don't Call Us Dead

Book Cover of Brown

Book Cover for the Fire This Time



Book Cover for Sing Unburied Sing

Book Cover for Exit West

Book Cover for Red at the Bone

Book Cover for Octavia's Brood

Book Cover for How Long Til Black Future Month

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