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For horror movie lovers, 2021 was a good year and 2022 promises to have even more scares in store (of the fun kind). Kicking off the new year is thescream cover latest installment of a heavyweight franchise, SCREAM 2022. 

With all the original stars, whose characters survived anyways, returning to star, this entry is sure to delight. And while you gear up to watch Sidney Prescott take on Ghostface again, why not watch some of her previous face offs? No shame in needing a refresher! The first film came out over 25 years ago and the last one came out over 10 years ago. And as it so happens, HCPL has every entry. Make sure to check them out! 

nightmare alley coverOr, if you’re all caught up because you recently binged every single SCREAM movie *cough*, then why not bid adieu to 2021, by watching some of its best horror hits? Directed by Nia DaCosta and produced by Jordan Peele, Candyman was one of the year’s most buzzed about films. HCPL has both the 2021 and 1992 versions. Give them a watch and see if you can say his name. 

Guillermo del Toro capped off the year with his take on Nightmare Alley, a classic noir psychological thriller. Although you’ll have to waitstine cover for this one to hit streaming, HCPL has the 1947 film and the original novel the movies are based on. 

 And if you want to continue the nostalgia trip down horror lane, and had a blast with Netflix’s Fear Street trilogy, then enjoy some of the stories R.L. Stine penned for the original series. Or, if you want to stream your screams, swing by Kanopy. With tons of options, organized by the kinds of scares you want, you're sure to find something. 

Whatever spooky HCPL avenue you wander down, it'll be a chillingly good time. Happy shivers!

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