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It’s not a stretch to say that being a fan of a Houston sports team comes with many emotions from joy and pride to turmoil and frustration.  

The Houston Texans have had their fair share of success and failures. The drama has lingered throughout the history of the team and has yet to disappear. As an avid fan of the Houston Texans, I celebrated our victories and looked forward to a year when we’d finally hit the Super Bowl. In case you are wondering...I’m still waiting for that to happen.  

This year, the Houston Texans have yet another chance to turn things around. The NFL Draft is around the corner and the Texans have 10 chances to pick players fresh out of college that can help the team succeed.  

What is the NFL Draft 

The NFL Draft happens once a year and it is an opportunity for professional football teams to acquire new players. Every team in the NFL could improve their team if they play their cards right. 

While it might seem boring, NFL Draft is full of drama, excitement, and sometimes confusion. One team’s decision could change the atmosphere of the whole event. During the 2012 NFL Draft, Johnny Manziel was predicted to be the #1 pick, but drastically fell to the 22nd pick and the sports world exploded with questions about why he dropped so far down. I remember how excitedly everyone was talking at the restaurant when this was happening, and it seemed like something straight out of a movie.  

Finding Football at the Library 

If you’re an NFL fan like me, you are eagerly awaiting fall and football. The Draft is a great interlude as we await football season as are some of the recommendations below.  

Click the image below for book details.








Click the image below for movie details.








Good luck to all the teams out there as they select new players, and I hope the Texans make some smart moves.  

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