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Here ye, here ye!  Calling all writers!  It is time once again, to join us for Camp NaNoWriMo.

What?  You are not familiar with Camp NaNoWriMo?  Allow me to explain and invite you personally to join.

NaNoWriMo is the acronym for National Novel Writing Month.  The goal during the month is to write a complete 50,000-word novel.  The true month for this event is in November, but as good writers know, you don’t write once and quit.  November is not the only month you can write.

So, in July, you can participate in Camp NaNoWriMo.  It does not have a set word goal, like in November.  July is for making your own writing goals. 

What are some goals you could set for yourself?

  • Write every day
  • Write 10,000 words
  • Write some poetry
  • Edit something you’ve already written
  • Explore writing in a different genre

The opportunities for goals are endless.  The true goal of Camp NaNoWriMo is to WRITE!  Just write.

HCPL is going to be hosting live programs via Facebook during the month of July.  Some of them will be panels of authors, sharing experiences and tips and other will be interactive writing games.  They are all a lot of fun. Find us on Facebook @harriscountypl

I give to you a personal invitation to join us for any and all of our events.  See you there!

ticket for nanowrimo
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