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The third part in our series focuses on the services that our Digital Media Labs (DML) offer! When you think of libraries, many people focus on the books or the computers that are there for research (among other things); but did you know that our media labs offer so much more? You can do more at our libraries than just read and play games online!

Imagine that you want to create a Youtube video, take behind the scene pictures, and edit that video at your convenience but you do not have the necessary equipment. The LIBRARY has that equipment and you are able to use it! Looking for a greenscreen for some awesome digital adventures? THE LIBRARY has that! There are a variety of different ways one can connect to their technological gifts and hobbies when accessing the facilities that our (very public) community-serving buildings offer.

The Digital Media Lab (DML) offers patron access to media conversion equipment and creative software. Patrons can use the space to digitize analog media such as VHS, film reels and negatives, vinyl records, and cassette tapes. Once digitized, they can be edited and restored with our host of software (ex. Adobe Creative Suite). With the DML, that box of home movies can be digitized and edited in one place and then made easily sharable!

A word from our DML expert:
“The DML also has equipment for patrons to try out and hone their creative skills. We have a photography rig with lighting and backgrounds (including green screen). Patrons can use our digital camera for photography or filming, as well as our MIDI keyboard and microphone for music/audio recording and drawing tablet for digital illustration. 
Patrons just have to attend a short orientation (which I offer) before they can use the DML. 
Besides the DML Orientation, below are some of the computer classes I have offered in the past: 

  • Digital Photo Restoration using Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Crash Courses for: Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Audition. These are intro courses where I go over the layout and basic usage of the programs and we work on a very simple project together. 
  • Canva 101. I go over how to create an account and navigate around the Canva website. We also will work on a simple project (ex. birthday invite, greeting card)
  • Microsoft Office Q&A Labs. These are patron-driven, where they come with specific questions or problems and we'll go over how to do something or figure out a solution to their issues. Each one is focused on a specific program (e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and patrons can come and go within the hour-long lab as they please.”


What better place to hone your passions than a library that has the resources, the staff, and the information that can help guide you through your skill learning sessions with ease? Consider the minimal effort it would cost you to head on over and use what is available at your fingertips for the great price of ABSOLUTELY FREE!

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