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Have you ever wondered what your top anime characters might read if they were real, live, human beings? Today, we are going to find out just that! We are starting with the notorious BIG 3 from UA high; the top students in terms of strength in the anime/manga My Hero Academia. Who are the Big 3 and what would they read?Continue below to find out!


Let’s start with Tamaki. Tamaki Amajiki is a bit of a pessimist and very insecure about everything that makes him, HIM. Tamaki gains powers of the things that he eats; he sticks to specific items (like takoyaki or octopus) so that he can defeat his opponents to the best of his abilities while being able to adapt to any situation. He would definitely spend most of his time in a secluded corner of a library reading soft romance, self-help, and recipe books. I imagine that UA High must have one of the biggest libraries ever built due to their need for extensive knowledge on everyone’s different quirks. If Tamaki is your favorite, check out these reads to feel a little closer to him!

Tamaki Romance choice
Tamaki has insecurity issues so this book fulfills his need to see others falling in love and working through many different aspects of a relationship to give him hope for his own future.
Tamaki Insecurity choice
Tamaki is definitely hard on himself and reads this book to help him "live fearlessly". I imagine he reads this book religiously to better his communication skills and social abilities.
Tamaki recipe choice
Tamaki is always on the go, so he needs a simple recipe book with food on the go so that he can use his powers quickly. This book focuses on lunches that don't need to be cooked.

Mirio Togata is as strong as they get but lacking a little in the noggin. He’s definitely a big jock and puts on a great show to make people think that he’s all brawn and no brain, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Mirio has the ability to go through any solid matter by concentrating; not focusing causes him to lose his clothes while he moves through solid spaces. In my head, he is always searching for gear that will go with him in any situation so fashion books and sewing patterns are on the list of his must reads. He also comes off as someone who would like to get away on far off adventures to help keep his motivation for his real life adventures so I’m going to throw Sci-fi into his basket. Last, but definitely not least, he spends a lot of time with Eri (a little girl with the vast amount of power and no control over it) so he has junior picture books on the side just for her! They just HAVE to be about justice because he has a strong sense of it and would most likely try to encourage that in others. Check out what I would say are his top picks!

Mirio Patterns choice
We don't carry fashion books for power-proof situations in the event you get into a fight but Mirio likes checking these out all the same. He's always on the lookout for clothes that will stay with him when he goes through matter.
Mirio Sci-fi choice
Dune is such a classic. With it's far off places and battles for power, Mirio enjoys reading about this good adventure. This is one I imagine would be well handled with Mirio re-reading it many times. 
Mirio Picture book choice
Mirio definitely reads this to Eri at bedtime. Mirio's strong sense of justice is a trait that he wants to give others so he's starting early on Eri so she can become a great superhero.

Powerhouse Nejire Hado has the looks, smarts, dedication, and strength to back her up. She’s down to Earth, friendly, and popular. Although I don’t know much about her power, Nejire seems to have complete control over it. I think that Nejire would be into young adult fiction, horror (like most grown women are now-a-days), and supernatural romance. I might be biased because she is my favorite of the Big 3 so these reads are some of my OWN personal best choices. I can just imagine that Nejire listens to horror podcasts and audiobooks while training. She wouldn’t be into normal romance as this world is full of people with quirks, so I think that she would like to read something a little closer to home (fanfic perhaps?). In my mind, she is like most other popular teen girls in that she always has a crowd around her following her direction and she would keep up with the latest trends so the newest young adult fiction is going to be a priority for her.

Nejire horror choice
in my opinion, Nejire loves classic horror, so she definitely reads anything Stephen King. This book of short stories would really tickle her fancy.
Nejire paranormal romance choice
Nejire is all about paranormal romance. What else is a girl supposed to believe in when everyone around her has powers (even Tokoyami has a bird face) and the future is always uncertain? You can't get more quirky than a book series about demons, angels, harpies, and other creatures of myth. You can find more about this series HERE.
Nejire young adult choice
I firmly believe Nejire LOVES mythology and staying up to date on the latest teen reading trends. This book on a grand mythological adventure is on her "to be read" list.

The BIG 3 will eventually move on and graduate, and they are leaving behind some big shoes to fill. Keep an eye on our blogs so that you can find out who I think the next BIG 3 are and what they might like to read! Do you think my lists were accurate? What things do YOU think they would like? Start a conversation with us about it!


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