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HCPL 2022 Top Ten Lists

You don’t have to tell me 2023 is fast approaching, I have so many apps with personalized reviews of books I’ve read or music I’ve listened to. 

 “You’ve read 84 books, just one shy of your reading goal.” Thanks, Goodreads, I’ll try to squeeze in one more book by December 31. Do you think I should count that picture book I’ve read for story time?   

“You’ve listened to Harry Styles an insane amount of times. Seriously, are you okay?” Fine Spotify. I’ll listen to more Lizzo in 2023.  

As fun as it is to see my personal 2022 wrap-up, I thought I would share what we as Harris County Public Library customers were checking out across all 26 library branches. I present you HCPL’s Top 10 Lists for 2022. 

Click on a title in the images below to place a hold.

HCPL 2022 Top Ten Lists by Anjela

Want more?: Check out the Most Checked Out Books list on Overdrive.  

What a year of checkouts Harris County! May your future check outs bring you more joy and adventures. Here’s to everyone meeting their reading goal in 2023!   

Happy New Year! 

Even more?!!! Here is my personal top 10 list for 2022.
all my rage The Murder of Mr. Wickham Beyond the Wand The Last Graduate brotherhood
miss quinces huda f are you a taste of magic love in the library everything everywhere all at once

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