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We all are trying to make ends meet these days, and during the Holidays that can be even more of a struggle!  So, what could be better than saving money by handcrafting your gifts, and decorations, and cooking home-made delicious dishes!  Everyone enjoys the giving and the receiving that happens this time of year, but there is something special about getting a gift that was made by the hands that gave it.  It is more personal and becomes a keepsake you will always cherish.

You will be glad to know that the Harris County Library system has lots of books to help you do just that.  From décor, and crafting, to cooking there is something for everyone!  Take a look below & enjoy!

Tap on each book for more details.
Creative Cards


The Book Book of Handmade Cards


Handmade Gift Wrap Bows and Cards


Twelve Days of Christmas Gifts recipes


Christmas Gifts from the Kitchen


Quick and Easy Christmas


Family Fun Homemade Holidays


Celebrate the Seasons


The Frugal Gourmay


Christmas Baking


Vegan Christmas


Southern Living Christmas Cookbook


Celebrate with Babs


Starwars Cookbook


Tim Burtons the Nightmare Before Christmas Cookbook


Gifts for Kids to Make


101 Great Gifts Kids Can Make


Holiday Handywork


Kids in the Holiday Kitchen


Holidays of the World


Thanks to our partnership with Pasadena Public, Montgomery County Memorial Library System, and other area libraries, you can check out all the books featured in this blog.  Reciprocal borrowing means more access to more library materials for more people!

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