How Will You Spend 9 Tickets on Kanopy?

Kanopy has modified how customers check out films and series to stream. Instead of 3 play credits, HCPL customers will receive 9 tickets each month to watch content from Kanopy. By switching to a tickets system, customers can optimize the ticket system to watch more content than ever before!  Learn more, opens a new window.

A few things to know about using Kanopy: 

  • Kanopy is FREE with your HCPL library card! 
  • You stream content from the Kanopy app on your TV, mobile devices, or computer.  
  • You will receive 9 tickets at the beginning of every month, but tickets do not roll over from month to month.  
  • Next to every title you will see the number of tickets required and the amount of time you have access to the title. Notice that the number of tickets and access varies. Read descriptions carefully. 
  • For episodic titles like TV series, you will be given access to all episodes or an entire season.
  • When you check out a video, you can watch the video as many times as you want within the viewing period without using more tickets. 
  • Kanopy Kids doesn’t use tickets, so kids can check out unlimited kid-friendly, educational, and entertaining content without using tickets. 

With access to thousands of movies on Kanopy, it’s difficult to decide what to use your 9 tickets on, so here are a few watch suggestions from HCPL staff to spend 9 tickets on Kanopy.  

Anjela, opens a new window's Watchlist - 9 Tickets


Alexis, opens a new window's Watchlist - 8 Tickets

Laura, opens a new window's Watchlist - 8 Tickets


How will you use your 9 tickets?