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Due to circumstances beyond our control, Harris County Public Library has had to migrate our website to a new temporary server. There will be some minor changes to the appearance and functionality of some features, and we want you to be aware of those. Most changes you will notice involve searches and My Account features

Search Box

You will now select the type of information you are looking for when using the search box at the top of all pages:

  • Catalog for books, DVDs, ebooks, audiobooks. (Catalog is the default search)
  • Website for information about the library and library services, for branch information, library policies and blogs
  • Journal Articles for online research resources from our Research & Learn databases
  • Events for programs at HCPL branches
screenshot of new search with selection dropdown highlighted
Select your search area: Catalog (for books, DVDs, and other items in our collections), Website (for blogs and HCPL webpages), Journal Articles (for research), and Events (for library programs).  then type in your search.

My Accountlogin pop-up window detail

While it looks different, you will continue to be able to do the things you do most, including

     Where to find login and my account 

  • See current library and digital checkouts 
  • Renew items
  • Check holds status
  • Pay fees
  • See checkout history
  • See your Saved for Later lists (See below for instructions).

Unfortunately, you will not be able to see registrations for library programs  We apologize for the inconvenience.


My Account Tabs detail showing how to access checkouts, pay fees, etc.
Use the tab to view your checkouts, holds, and fees with the link to pay online.  You may also update your profile and edit your account preferences including default pick-up locations.


Saved for Later Lists

Screenshot showing how to access Saved for Later lists
To view My List (Saved for Later list), click on the link “My Lists” in the top menu.  You can create new lists here. To view the lists that you have saved on the previous site, click on the pink Archived Lists button.  You will be able to view and download the list. You are not able to add new items to archived lists.

We thank you for your understanding during this temporary change to If you have any questions or issues, please leave a comment. We hope to have some exciting announcements about the website later in 2022. 



In reply to by Carol Johnson (not verified)



We are sorry you are unable to access your account. For security purposes, I have edited your comment to remove identifying information. Please call any HCPL branch with your library card number and PIN and we will be happy to help you with this issue.  Here is a link to all our locations and phone numbers:


Since this update, I cannot see my digital checkouts on the website. I can still access from Libby app, but I cannot manage/return digital checkouts because it says I have 0.

In reply to by Blake (not verified)


We're sorry you are having an issue viewing check-out history. For security reasons, it is best to handle this over the phone or in-person. Please call or visit any HCPL branch. Here is a link to all locations with contact numbers.

Have your library card number and PIN handy when you call.

Thank you.



Do you have unlimited WiFi in the library?


Yes, all our branches have free Wi-Fi. Since Covid started our IT Dept. has boosted the signals at our branches so that even when we are closed, you can access our free Wi-Fi in the parking lots of most our buildings.

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