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The magazines you know and love, available digitally.  TIP: When logging in on the Flipster app choose "Harris Co Public Library" rather than your local branch to make sure your library card number is recognized. NOTE (12/7/2022): Back issues are currently unavailable when using Flipster in a web browser. They are available when using the Flipster app for tablets and mobile devices. This is a known issue and the vendor has been working to correct it. 

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Found In: Magazines, Newspapers & Journals
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Gale Academic OneFile

Provides millions of articles from thousands of scholarly journals and other authoritative sources. With extensive coverage across academic disciplines you’ll find accurate information and articles to support your studies. Discover peer-reviewed articles to inspire research and validate your findings with Gale Academic OneFile’s extensive collection of academic journals. Tutorial: Gale Academic OneFile

Found In: Magazines, Newspapers & Journals
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Gale General OneFile

Gale General OneFile provides millions of articles from thousands of magazines, journals, newspapers, and other authoritative sources. With intuitive search features, and extensive coverage across wide-ranging topics, you’ll find accurate information and articles to support your interests. Discover full text results to fuel exploration and gain understanding through the vast selection of periodicals in Gale General OneFile. Tutorial: Gale General OneFile

Found In: Magazines, Newspapers & Journals
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Gale OneFile: Informe Académico

Informe Académico provee acceso a más de 9.8 millones de artículos de carácter científico, académico y de interés general, provenientes de más de 1,000 publicaciones de 18 países. La mayor parte de este contenido ha sido arbitrado por expertos y se encuentra disponible en texto completo, libre de embargo, en español o portugués. Por su cobertura multidisciplinaria, Gale OneFile: Informe Académico abarca una amplia variedad de temas tales como política, historia, economía, ciencias de la salud, filosofía, ciencias exactas, tecnología y más.

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ProQuest Start Here

Historical Newspapers: Austin American-Statesman (1871-1980)

ProQuest Historical Newspapers is considered the gold standard in historical news databases. As the leading newspaper in the capital of Texas, the historical Austin American-Statesman provides researchers with unique insights into the political, economic, cultural, and social life of this important state, as well as the southwest U.S. from the late 19th through the 20th century. The paper has strong central Texas coverage, especially for political reporting.

Found In: Magazines, Newspapers & Journals

Houston Chronicle (Newsbank)

Here you'll find Houston Chronicle articles from 10/29/1985 to the present. Digital image edition available from 10/24/2017 to present. To read the digital image edition click the listing on the menu with "image" as the format.  Click on "All Databases" to see other available collections from Newsbank: Houston Community Weeklies, Texas Newspaper collection, America's News, Special Reports & Hot Topics from around the nation. 

Found In: Magazines, Newspapers & Journals
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Get unlimited access to more than 7,000 of the world's top newspapers and magazines as soon as they're available on shelves. No limits on downloads. Read in your browser or via the free PressReader app.  How-To Guides and How-To Videos to get you started.  NOTE: Effective 1/1/2023 the publisher of New York Post has removed access to that publication for public libraries through PressReader.

Found In: Magazines, Newspapers & Journals
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Wall Street Journal

Here you'll find access to the most recent 90 days of Wall Street Journal (WSJ) articles. Advanced search gives you access to articles from the last 4 years.

When accessing WSJ from home, create a free account which gives you a 3 day pass. After the pass expires, start again from the link on the HCPL website and log back in with the same account details you created earlier for another 3 days worth of access.

The Wall Street Journal app is not included with the library subscription, but the site is mobile responsive so it displays well on tablets and smartphones. 

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