Author Submission Policy

If an author wishes to have their book considered as an addition to the collection, they may provide a complimentary physical copy for Collection Development to examine. Titles available only in eBook format will be considered for purchase according to the guidelines set forth in this policy if they are available for purchase through our contracted vendor for eBooks. Please send the book, as well as any relevant reviews to:

Collection Development
Harris County Public Library
5749 South Loop East
Houston, TX 77033

Authors may also bring physical copies to their local branch. Branch staff will deliver any copies for review to Collection Development.

Please be advised:

  • A complimentary physical copy is not a requirement for consideration. The physical copy is for evaluative purposes only.
  • Selectors are unable to accept PDFs.
  • Due to the volume of author requests, selectors will not communicate directly with the author to provide status updates.
  • Selectors will not provide critiques or reviews.
  • Titles will be reviewed by the appropriate subject specialist, and all decisions will be made in accordance with the Collection Development Policy displayed on the Harris County Public Library website.
  • Collection Development will be unable to return complimentary copies to the author.

If the selectors choose to purchase the material, copies will be purchased using established County procedures that require that purchases be made through the County’s contracted vendors. If the book is selected for inclusion, it will appear in the online catalog in approximately 3 months from the time of selection. Because of the volume of author submissions, Collection Development is unable to follow up with authors whose titles are not selected. Donations of multiple copies for inclusion may be accepted, but do not receive special consideration during the review process.

Submissions for inclusion are also accepted online via the


Authors and publishers with any questions are encouraged to contact the Collection Development Department by emailing

(Last edited 04/07/2021)

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