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Our monthly podcasts represents yet another way that Harris County Public Library provides information and resources to enrich lives and strengthen communities through innovative programs and services both within and beyond our walls.

Using our Library Voices creates conversation for listeners to dive deeper into the subjects we discuss. In each episode, librarians will explore a theme with the resources available to you at the library. We aim to spark a dialogue, spread a little knowledge, and add some entertainment to your day with our podcast.

We have a couple of spin off shows where librarians can dive deep into topics, such as Are You Afraid of the Stacks?, a podcast from 2 Children's Librarians discussing the creepier side of Children's Literacy and Gabbing with the Librarians, a conversational podcast with other librarians about issues surrounding the library industry.

More than just books.

Recommendations from the Podcast

The Not-Even-27 Club

Here are some films and biographies about some of the most influential artists who died before they even reached 27 years old.

Stepmom who was also a stepchild shares lessons she learned

May is the month to celebrate all mothers. So what better time than now to share and celebrate the stepmother too.

In Memoriam: Alice Munro

One can't have a writing career that earns a Nobel Prize when one writes only short stories. Unless you are the brilliant Alice Munro.

13 Disaster Movies for Your Viewing Pleasure

There's just something comforting and dreadful about seeing literally everything go wrong. Kick off your summer with a disaster or two!
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