Gulf Coast Reads

Gulf Coast Reads

What is Gulf Coast Reads?

Each October since 2011, Harris County Public Library has teamed with dozens of public and academic libraries, as well as other public and private partners for Gulf Coast Reads: On the Same Page.  Gulf Coast Reads is a regional reading initiative focused on promoting the simultaneous reading or listening to a selected title by those living along the upper Texas Gulf Coast.

Each year, a representative committee of librarians selects a title that has a broad appeal to adults in our communities, is recognized in authoritative and professional journals, is available in multiple formats from print to downloadable content, and preferably, is available in multiple languages. The title should also lend itself to related programming about the themes or subjects within.

Gulf Coast Read's goal is to encourage our communities to read the same title during the month of October in order to encourage readers to come together in discussions about it with neighbors, co-workers, friends and their families, as well as in classrooms and in libraries throughout the region.

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Gulf Coast Reads

The pick for 2022 is Lone Stars by Justin Deabler! Get more info at

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Lone Stars by Justin Deabler

Lone Stars follows the arc of four generations of a Texan family in a changing America. Julian Warner, a father at last, wrestles with a question his husband posed: what will you tell our son about the people you came from, now that they're gone? Finding the answers takes Julian back in time to Eisenhower's immigration border raids, an epistolary love affair during the Vietnam War, crumbling marriages, queer migrations to Cambridge and New York, up to the disorienting polarization of Obama's second term. And in these answers lies a hope: that by uncloseting ourselves, as immigrants, smart women, gay people, we find power in empathy.



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These particular lists, curated by HCPL librarians, all share a little something in common with past Gulf Coast Reads books, whether its a central theme, topic, motif, or genre.

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