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Due to the volume of purchase suggestions received we are unable to send responses regarding your request. When a title has been ordered it will appear in the catalog and you may place a hold using your library card number and PIN.  Please read the guidelines below before submitting your request.

Authors & Publishers: If you are an author or publisher who wishes to have your book considered for HCPL's collection, please use our Author Submission Form

Requests for titles in digital format will not be accepted until after the release date.  

  • Titles in digital formats (eBook & eAudio) are not typically added to the collection until the day of release or shortly thereafter. Once an order for digital items is placed those titles are usually available for checkout/placing holds within a few hours.
  • Not all titles are made available for purchase by publishers in eBook &/or eAudiobook format through our vendor for digital titles (Overdrive). Some of the most commonly unavailable titles in digital format are those enrolled in Kindle Unlimited, those published by Amazon’s publishing imprints, opens a new window (eBook), and Brilliance/Audible for eAudiobook.
  • Not all titles are made available for purchase on the same date as the physical format.
  • Sometimes eBook and eAudiobook formats are released on different dates.
  • We monitor for holds on digital formats (eBook & eAudio) on a regular basis, adding copies to meet demand within the allowances of our budget.

To see the most current listings of titles added in digital formats, please check out HCPL’s Overdrive collection, opens a new window.

Requests for titles in physical (book/audiobook/DVD) format will not be accepted more than 30 days prior to the release date.  

Our Collection Development team works from lists of popular, well-reviewed, and bestselling titles provided by our contracted vendors. We often already have these titles on lists to be ordered through our contracted vendors, but they may not yet appear in our catalog.

  • Please check our catalog, opens a new window before submitting your purchase suggestion as it may already be on order and available for placing holds.
  • Please allow up to three months for your recommended title to become available in the catalog.
  • We do not typically order physical items more than 90 days in advance of the release date.
  • If your title has a publication or street date older than a year, it may be difficult for us to acquire copies for the library. For these titles and also for very specialized and/or out-of-print titles, we recommend submitting an Interlibrary Loan request.
  • Unfortunately, Harris County Public Library is unable to purchase every item suggested by our customers. Reasons for not being able to purchase materials include price, age, low print runs or not meeting HCPL’s Collection Policy

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