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Picture Books
Best-Sellers: 5 books awarded the Caldecott Medal for Illustration, NYT Bestsellers, and current favorites of other library users like you!

Sleepy-time Snuggles:
5 books to inspire sweet dreams.

Easy as 1-2-3: 5 concept books that focus on colors, numbers, or letters.

10-Book Pile-up! 10 of our favorite picture books, chosen just for you. Add a comment with a few of your favorite things (Dogs! Trains! Flowers!) or be completely surprised. If you’d like 10 board books, please select this category and include a note below in the comments section.
Early Readers
Character Study: 10 early readers featuring some of your favorite characters! Give us a few examples, like Fancy Nancy or Marvel Superheroes, and we’ll pull together some read-alikes and some old favorites.

Animal Mania: 10 early readers all about animals. From Clifford the Big Red Dog to the Wild Kratts, and a few nonfiction titles too.

Early Reader Grab Bag: 10 early readers of our choice! If you know the level of your reader, please add it to the comments section below. If no level is selected, you will receive a mix of high and low level early readers.

Early Chapter Books
Goofy: 3 Goofball protagonists with silly plots, lots of embarrassing moments, and maybe a fart joke or two.

Adventure is out there!: 3 books featuring kids going out and exploring the world! These titles could be anything from realistic fiction to absolutely magical.

Animal Talk: 3 stories told from an animal’s point of view or explore the secret life of your pet.

Middle Grade Chapter Books
Picture Perfect: 3 graphic novels.

Magic in the Air Tonight!: 3 chapter books featuring magic—from witches and wizards to gods and goddesses, and maybe a fantastic beast or two.

A Field of Bluebonnets: 3 chapter books found on the Texas Bluebonnet Reading Lists from years past.

Children’s Nonfiction
STEM: 4 nonfiction titles for kids interested in science, technology, engineering, or math.

This Pretty Planet: 4 nonfiction titles about space, geology, plants, and animals.

Who Was That?: 4 nonfiction biographies.

Boredom Busters: 4 nonfiction titles about drawing, arts & crafts, science experiments, baking, and more.

Young Adult Chapter Books
We’re Going on an Adventure!: 3 Sci-fi or fantasy books.

Unity in Diversity: 3 #ownvoices books exploring diverse and under-represented characters.

Believe It!: 3 manga titles. Specify if you’d like 3 from the same series in the comments section, or try 3 unique series.

Adult Fiction
Genre Specialist: 4 books from a genre you love or want to try. Feel free to mix your genres too! Try mystery, science fiction, fantasy, romance or westerns. Let us know which genres in the comments section.

Read Your Mood: 4 fiction books that fit your current mood – angsty, spooky, upbeat, challenging and more. Share your mood in the comments section.

The Place is the Thing: 4 fiction books where the setting is a major feature of the story. Share where you want to read in the comments section.

Adult Non-Fiction
People, Places & Things: 4 biographies that explore the lives of well-known individuals, books on historical events, inventions that had an impact on our world and more. Share what you want to explore in the comments section.

I Learned it from a Book: 4 books on cooking, crafts, home repair, gardening, personal finance, resume-writing, job searching, etc. Share what you want to learn in the comments section.

Whodunit: 4 books on true crime – those often stranger than fiction stories that may or may not be solved! Share what kind of crime you want to solve in the comments section.

Kids Magazines: 3 magazines appropriate for children. Use comments section if your child has any preferences on topics (i.e. animals, outdoor adventures, etc.)

Newsworthy: 3 magazines that will help to keep you up to date with current affairs, technology trends, and more

Noteworthy: 3 magazines with a focus on fashion, homemaking, food, and crafting

Stars—They’re just like us!: 3 magazines that focus on celebrity news and gossip

DVDs for Kids: 3 DVDs for kids. Cartoons or live action? TV Shows or full-length films? Let us know in the comments below.

Nonfiction DVDs: 3 nonfiction DVDs on a variety of topics. Food documentaries? Yoga at Home? World War II? Pick something you’d like to learn about, and we’ll provide you with DVDs to further your curiosity.

DVDs for Adults: 3 DVDs of any genre, any film rating. Tell us your favorite films or TV shows, and we’ll provide you with something similar.

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