Purchasing Policy

Harris County Public Library is subject to the procurement policies of Harris County. As stated in our Sustainability Policy, Harris County Public Library (HCPL) is committed to responsible stewardship of the public and private funds entrusted to us for carrying out the mission of the library. We aim to leverage those funds to the benefit of the communities we serve while also honoring our commitment to both environmental sustainability and social equity.  We strive to work with vendor partners who reflect our commitment to our sustainability values.     

In support of this we aim to use sustainable and environmentally sound practices when selecting supplies, equipment and resources for use by the library. The below is not a complete list, but staff will take the following factors into consideration when making purchase decisions: 

  • Quantity of item ordered 
  • Amount of post-consumer recycled content in item and/or packaging 
  • Repairability, reuse or recyclability of item 
  • End of life disposal requirements of item (batteries, electronics, etc.) 
  • Health impacts of item purchased (cleaning products, etc.) 
  • Availability from local businesses 
  • Transportation methods and distances for delivery of item 
  • Environmentally friendly practices of the item’s vendor 

This policy does not prevent us from purchasing items that do not meet these standards if there are compelling reasons to make other choices.  

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