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Program Accommodation Requests

Here at HCPL, we want everyone who visits our libraries to feel empowered to get the most out of the library experience. Programs and services are Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliant. Accommodations can be requested in advance by contacting the library or by using the form below.

  • Please complete the form at least three (3) business days before the program to notify the branch of your request.
  • If you are requesting an ASL interpreter, complete the form at least fourteen (14) business days prior to the program. 
  • Please call the branch if you need assistance completing this form.
  • We will make every reasonable effort to fulfill your request. We may contact you to discuss your request.
  • Your information will be kept confidential, and only shared with necessary personnel.

Program Accommodation Request Form

Adaptive Equipment

icon - comfort kits - puzzle pieces in the shape of a heartComfort Kits

Available for use in the library

Designed for people with neurocognitive needs, Comfort Kits can help when the library is just a little too much to handle. They are available for in-library use. Ask to checkout a comfort kit at the Circulation Desk.

Comfort Kits include:
Noise-canceling headphones 
Fidget spinner
Liquid dropper
Book of calming techniques
Book List for additional reading for children and adults

Additional calming resources
Pop-up Pod (Comforting tent) is a one-person standing/sitting tent is available during programs for patrons who feel overstimulated by the environment. The Pop-up Pod can also be requested in advance using the Program Accommodation Form for indoor library programs. (Watch Pop-up Pod Video).

    icon of magfying glass and eye for vision kitsVision Kits

    Available for use in the library

    Helping you see more at your library, Vision Kits are available for in-library use. Ask to check out a comfort kit at the Circulation Desk. 

    Low-vision keyboard - larger than standard keyboards and brightly colored to help patrons with vision or dexterity issues. 
    Screen reader software - NV Digital Access software translates on-screen information into speech which can be heard through earphones on library computers. (How to install NV Digital Access Software). 
    Magnifying glass - a handheld device for enlarging pictures or specific text. 
    2x MagnaPage - enlarges full page of text and images 
    Highlight reading strips - this colored plastic strip is placed over text. Many people with dyslexia find that it helps distinguish sentences on the page and makes it easier to track words. 

    Memory IconMemory Kits 

    Available for 14 check outPhoto of a garden-themed memory kit showing two books, a DVD, CD & activity sheets

    These kits are designed especially for people experiencing or caring for someone who is experiencing memory loss, They provide mental and emotional stimulation as well as conversation starters. 

    Each kit contains: books, music, coloring pages, movies and a bookmark with a list of resources for caregivers of people with memory loss issues. The coloring pages, activity sheets and resource bookmark are yours to keep.

    Memory kit themes: Garden, Traveling Tales, That's Entertainment, Who's Done It, Reach for the Stars, How Does your Garden Grow?

    Click HERE for more information and to check out a memory kit.



    Dyslexie a font specially designed for people with dyslexie is available on all ebooks on the Overdrive Libby App. App available free for both android and iOS devices.
    Libby for iOS   |   Libby for Android

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