Me and the Giant Squid

What do megamouth sharks, hoan kiem turtles, and the giant squid all have in common. Sixty years ago, scientists would have told you that none of them exist. As I read the Houston Chronicle’s front page report on Tuesday that a giant squid had been fished up by fisherman off the coast of Louisiana, I imagine that I felt more excited than most people. Yes, I knew that the animal exists because the mysterious creature was proven to exist in 1954, when the first giant squid was captured.

The Mystery of the Backward Books

Have you ever been among the aisles and seen a book placed in among the other books backward, spine and label facing in, pages facing out. It’s a fairly common occurrence, and, oddly enough, the book is usually right where it belongs…just backward. ‘Why?’ you may ask? No, it’s not the work of pranksters and poltergeists (as I thought for an embarrassingly long time), it’s because many school libraries tell students to place any book they look at back on the shelf backwards. This is so the librarians know which items have been moved and can return them to where they belong. At Northwest putting items on the re-shelf cart works just fine; no need for enchanted rearward-facing books.

Will the Real Will Shakespeare Please Stand Up

Today at the library, we hosted Ms. Bonner Miller Cutting. Ms. Cutting is working to organize the Annual Shakespeare Authorship Conference sponsored by the Shakespeare Fellowship. It is sure to be a treat for those that are interested in the "Authorship Question". Her organization is dedication to the research of who EXACTLY was William Shakespeare. Was he really the guy we all know and love that was said to be from Stratford-upon-Avon? Come to the library and pick up his biography! Make your own conclusion!

Baseball Season is Ending

Baseball season is coming to an end. This is sad but true. And, as an Astros fan I am left with regrets, wondering what might have been if maybe the Astros had gotten one more pitcher or if one game had gone differently. Further, I am left to reminisce about the wonderful seasons of 2004 and 2005 when I got to watch the Astros win their first playoff series and go to their first World Series. Houston Astros: Armed and Dangerous